Investing in Real Estate

Are you ready to invest in Texas Real Estate?

Have you or a friend/loved one ever rented a house?  Did you wonder “who owns houses like these” or rental houses in general?  The answer is simple, anyone can own real estate as an investment.  Investing in rental properties is a great way to invest in yourself and your retirement.  Rentals make you money year-round, a passive income you can count on.

Managing nearly 100 houses in the state of Texas, I have seen firsthand the income received by investing in real estate. If that’s something you’d like to chat more about…send us a request on our Contact Us page.  I’d love to walk you through the steps to help you identify the type of homes that really produce.

As a Realtor and Investor myself, I would be thrilled to share a coffee and my knowledge as well as share what’s currently on the market (house or condo). I can also explain how hiring a great Management company is imperative to your investment. Let us show you exactly why Texas is the perfect place to invest in rental homes.

So what kind of return can you expect on your investment?  Over the past 7 years, the Austin Metro areas have seen an average of 8.6% appreciation year over year.  Meaning if you purchased a home for $150,000 in 2012 your home would be worth $226,576 in 2019.  That’s over $75,000 in earned appreciation!  The best part is….your renter is paying the mortgage.

Ready to invest in Texas Real Estate?